Friday, May 15, 2009

Yay or Nay?

A friend of mine recently bought a "reading ring." Knowing that I'm an avid reader, she texted me about her purchase. But instead of being amazed, I was bewildered. A reading ring? Is this piece of related to a mood ring? Can it magnify text on the page?

Turns out, it's a device that helps you hold the pages of the book open with your thumb. I found a couple of versions online, and one store advertises, "... great for commuters, especially if they have to read standing up."

To me, it seems a bit strange. I can see how it would come in handy, especially when reading for an audience in storytimes. But I don't need another item to lose. I can barely keep up with important items!

What do you think? Could you use something like this? Or is it just more junk?


  1. That looks cool but I'd probably lose it. A few years ago, when I was about to take a very long flight, my neighbor loaned me a book cover that actually kept my book open for me so I didn't need to hold it at all as long as it was resting on the table. It was really useful! I wish I could have kept it. It freed up both my hands which was great for when I was eating.

    It looked kind of like this one: but it wasn't on a stand, and it was just clear plastic. Simple idea that was really great for travel. And you can just keep it on the book - it protects it and you don't lose it.

  2. This is another product geared for the amply-handed. Some of us have obscenely small hands and this just wouldn't work since you lose precious space on the grip of the book. Perhaps this is only a problem for a few of us, though ;)

  3. But those little mass-market paperbacks are surely small enough for one-hand use!

  4. Hi guys,
    Totally off the subject, but...I just wanted you to know that I've given your blog a "One Lovely Blog" Award! It's for great blogs one has newly discovered. Here's the post -
    Eva M.

  5. Thanks, Eva! That was a really nice entry that you wrote about us (among others!). It's always good to know that people are reading. And the other blogs that you pointed out in your post are great, too.


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