Thursday, July 15, 2010

Orange is the new black

This post got me thinking about cover colors. There has been an explosion (haha) of orange covers lately. Have you noticed? Check out their list, which I can add quite a few more to:

I love orange. It stands out so well. But maybe this one's jumped the shark. I think next summer, one of my bingo squares for the teen readers will be read a book with an orange cover. Seems like there's plenty from which to choose!

What's your take on this trend?


  1. I hadn't noticed, but that is a lot of orange covers :)

  2. As a graduate of the University of Texas, you should be applauding this trend.

  3. Thanks for the link! And while I am getting a bit tired of orange covers, I also feel like I shouldn't complain, because at least they're not black/grey/dark blue...

    Anyway, in my new books section, I have room to display ~45 books face out. So at first, I liked the orange covers. Nice spot of brightness amid all the dark paranormal covers. But I think because it stands out so much, it seems less special (or something) faster. If that makes sense.

  4. @Jennifer: OF COURSE I am!

    @Trisha: I was beat to the chase on Fire (maybe you posted that on another comment). Check out 1LBR:


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