Friday, April 29, 2011

Another cover, another double.

These tricky things sneak up on you sometimes.
First up, the paperback-changed cover I am not a huge fan of:

I won't talk much at length about it, since I've done that already. I do like the font for the title.

And here's the double:

Will Allison's Long Drive Home will be published at the end of May. It's an adult novel, and I find it interesting that this cover with the teen on the cover was the one used for the book. Much like the cover for Mockingbird, the blurb runs at the top of the cover and the author runs at the bottom. Both use white serif fonts, as well.

I don't necessarily think one covers does it better than the other because they're so similar. Do you have a preference?


  1. I don't have a preference, but I wonder why the publisher is going with a cover so similar to that of another book. Is that just a big coincidence?

  2. Huh... I always find it fascinating when photos are used for multiple covers, but I feel like the cover designers usually find a way to still make their cover somewhat unique. But in this case... they're exactly the same! Where's the fun in that??

  3. Cover doubles make me feel so sad. But I, like you, prefer the top one because of the font. =)

  4. I read Long Drive Home and reviewed it on my blog. The little girl in Long Drive Home is six years old...the girl on the cover is much older than that. Pretty unfair to both authors especially because Mockingbird won the National Book Award. Pretty cheap!


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