Friday, December 30, 2011

The Great ALA Midwinter YA Blogger Meetup: Texas Style, Ya'll

We're on again, and this time, we're in Texas. Dallas to be exact.

Why is this important? Well, STACKED was founded in Texas and two of the three of us will be able to make the meet up. So that means something to us!

Come on out for the low key event for YA bloggers (a loose term, of course, for those who blog about or write young adult books). I haven't made reservations and don't plan on it. The Iron Cactus has a big bar area, so we'll just grab a couple tables and have a low-key get together. It's pay your own way, with no obligation to stick around long.

Feel free to pass the word along to anyone else who might want to join and we'll put out another reminder as it gets closer.


  1. It's gonna be great! Thanks so much for organizing it Kelly!

  2. Is it weird I said STACKED was founded in Texas? Whatever. I love Texas and I have no shame. I also like young adult lit, mingling, and margaritas.

  3. Wait.....are you using the boots as party favors? Because OMG!!! Those BOOOOOTS!

    I knew a woman who had custom broken-heart cowboy boots made whenever she got divorced. After her sixth divorce, we started to suspect that maybe she was addicted to the boots.

  4. HA!

    I wish we could pass out boots as party favors. Maybe paper boots made with a die cut out of construction paper. Maybe.

  5. Fabulous!

    I could totally do boots cut out of construction paper for you if you really want them, by them way. Just let me know. :)


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