Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Show Me the Awesome: 30 Days of Self Promotion

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Remember our call for posts about self-promotion and librarianship a few weeks ago?  This is the official starting line, and for every post we receive on the topic, we'll link it up here for easy, ready access. We'll update this post as close to daily as possible.

While we have a lineup of official people taking part in the series, anyone is welcome to blog on the topic of self promotion. You can talk about a program you did and loved. You can talk about how you perform strong reader's advisory with teens. You can talk about the grander idea of self promotion itself. There's nothing off limits, as long as you're talking about libraries and self promotion or librarianship and self promotion in some capacity.

If you do post something and want it shared, leave a link and we'll spread the word. All are welcome to use the graphic above with a post, as long as credit as listed above is given.

A huge thank you goes out to Sophie Brookover for coordinating this huge project, to John LeMasney for the graphic, and an advanced thank you to everyone who decided to take on the pitch and write about this very important, very timely, and very relevant topic.

Here's to 30 Days of Awesome through the month of May. Show us what you've got.

  • Amy talks about finding the awesome within her -- this is such a great post, especially for anyone who ever feels down on themselves about anything in life. 
  • Anna talks about all of her duties as a librarian and how she manages them. Because we all joke about "other duties as assigned." 
  • Check out this amazing programming idea -- StoryWalk
  • Betsy Bird's talking about how when you have a background in youth services, you can do anything
  • Kate talks about "leaning in" to librarianship. A must-read for those who think a lot about gender and how it plays a role in self-promotion. 

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