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Welcome New Visitors!

Welcome to anyone who is new to STACKED, having made their way over from either last week’s piece in the Wisconsin State Journal or today’s feature over at BlogHer or from any other venue in which you may have seen us. We’re so thrilled to have you stop by and we thought we’d give you a little taste of what else you can find around this blog.
While we’re primarily a blog about books and reading, especially of the young adult variety, we’ve been known to talk about book covers, about bigger issues surrounding reading/book/library culture, gender, and more. We’ve been around these parts for almost four years, and we post new content at least five times a week. Both Kimberly and myself work as librarians in public libraries. We met in grad school at the University of Texas in a YA Lit class, and we are both huge believers in Ranganathan’s Laws. It was those very laws around which we structured this blog. This is an advertisement-free blog.

We write critical reviews of books, both those we loved and those we were less enamored with as readers. We always return our focus to who the audience is for a title because even if we don’t like it, that doesn’t mean there is not an audience for the book. 

We love interacting with our readers, so please feel free to comment or get in touch with us. We do our best to respond! 
To get a sense of what we’ve written about, Kim and I decided to share some of our favorite posts. This is a sampler set to what you can find here:

  • Speaking of my reviews, you’ll notice that I’m a huge genre fiction reader, and I believe its literary merit is too often overlooked or trivialized, despite its recent boom in popularity. You can read about a few of my recent favorite genre reads here, here, here, and here
Thank you so much for stopping by and we hope you continue to come back!